Stop orthopedic bone and joint pain . . . FAST!

Welcome to a new way of thinking when it comes to orthopedic bone and joint pain. At Ortho Xpress, we have created a way to treat common ortho accidents and other ailments in both a fast and effective manner. Our expert orthopedic staff is able to diagnose, treat and release patients more quickly than most any other clinics in our area. And, with locations across the north half of MS, we’re as convenient to find as we are to take care of your orthopedic bone and joint pain! Please take a moment to find out more about what we offer and how we can assist you!

Our new Booneville, MS and Amory, MS bone and joint centers are now open!

OrthoXpress proudly serves north Mississippians each day with conveniently located clinics. We are very proud to announce that our newest locations are now open and treating the communities around Booneville and Amory. Stop in any time for fast, effective relief!

Care is Our Concern

Yes, we aim to take care of your visit as soon as possible. However, don’t mistake swift action for oversight. We pride ourselves in diagnosing your condition with the highest degree of medical specialty. If we can’t resolve your situation in the manner it deserves, we will provide you with further treatment options to take care of the injury.

Convenience is Crucial

Yes, our expert care and efficiency is our top priority when pointing you toward quick, effective healing. However, as our name implies, convenience plays a big role in what we offer from the Ortho Xpress Bone and Joint Center. We don’t like to wait any longer than necessary . . . and we don’t expect you to either! Click here to learn about our easy check-in experience.

Speed is Our Specialty

As you can gather by our website . . . speed does heal! Convenience is not the only benefit that comes from choosing Ortho Xpress. Getting your injury seen and diagnosed quickly means you get better quicker – and you potentially get ahead of any further injury that might occur due to waiting. Bone and joint pain doesn’t have to wait!

Podiatry available in Oxford, MS

We’re always proud to offer specialized services to our patients. That’s why we’ve created a podiatry only clinic in Oxford, MS. Dr. Jared Spicer is highly sought after for pediatric care and we’re glad to provide him for foot pain and other conditions. Visit our Oxford, MS Podiatry page for more details.